Playing On Fear Is No Joke

9d31161a5-1 Fear is always going to be a factor in regards to racism because racism revolves around fear. And when you mix stereotype into that stew of fear and racism you’ll be left with a deadly combination.

As I have stated on more than one occasion our society seems to be getting dumber. Blame it on the smartphones, blame it on reality TV, blame it on evolution. Blame it on whatever you want but the fact remains that most people fail to use their brains in certain situations.

And then there are the few clever geniuses who use their brains for the wrong reasons.

Recently Youtube, the good idea turned bad by a few really stupid people, has been infected by a barrage of videos featuring pranksters that get themselves into sticky situations by going into the ‘hood and pulling a candid camera style trick on unsuspecting residents.

I’m sure I’ve failed to mention that the pranksters are white and the recipients of these pranks are black.

Wait, just to break it down a bit more the pranksters are white males and the intended targets are almost always black males.

Young black males.

I’ve tried to watch these videos but I have a hard time for the following two reasons:

1) I know that most brothas will fall for the trap and react negatively because nobody feels like being bothered by some random white boy while they’re just trying to make it through the day

2) I know exactly why these white boys are targeting young brothas and it both irritates and disgusts me.

Webster’s defines a prank as:

: a trick that is done to someone usually as a joke

Webster’s defines a joke as:

: something said or done to cause laughter

: a brief story with a surprising and funny ending

Here’s an example of what they consider a “prank”

After you’re done watching the video take a moment to scroll down and read a few comments. However, if you’re lazy like me and don’t have that kind of time to commit let me share a few of them with you;

ZexianBlue – What the fuck is wrong with black people?


jeremiebad7 – You guys aren’t funny at all, you’re fucking retards. (BRAVO, I agree)

There’s even a delightful comment from someone who states if they had to choose between saving a cockroach or a nigger they would choose the cockroach.

My problem, besides the fact that these pranks are super lame, is that they play on an inherent fear most people have about a particular group of people. Even though most of the people I know , regardless of their race, would react in the same manner (because walking up to someone and snatching their cellphone is a guaranteed ass whipping by anyone) there is perceptibly something ‘funnier’ about when a black person grips you up and commences to beating that ass. At least it’s supposed to be funnier, since it’s a “prank” right?

But why is it funnier you ask?

Because it’s expected.


These crafty, ignorant, bored Joke Masters have nothing better to do than go around fucking with black people and playing on society’s perceptions of how we would react in certain situations. And then, right before they get the mud stomped out of their asses they throw up a very weak disclaimer in a frightened cry:

“It’s just a prank! It’s just a prank!”

No mutha fucka, it’s just racism once again entertaining your audience by using the fear you have of black people and showing the world ‘Yup. They’re just like you think they are. Savage and angry all the time’

But what really makes us angry is when you come around doing stupid shit just to fuck with us. Then again, that’s not a black trait.

That’s a HUMAN trait.

What I fear the most is when one of these little assholes gets seriously hurt. Because that’s when the excuse ‘It was just a prank’ will get blown out of proportion as if to say ‘Why would they kill him?? They were just playing a prank!!’

No. Switching the sugar out for salt is a prank. Putting Saran Wrap over a toilet seat is a prank. Going into a predominantly black neighborhood and inciting anger isn’t a prank. It’s a recipe for impending disaster. The kind that we really don’t need at this time in our society.

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