Power To The People!


When you invest in something you are saying to yourself ‘I believe in this!’

For example, when you enter a romantic relationship with someone you are saying to that person ‘I believe in us.’ When you have a child your hopes and dreams run wild for them to be the best they can be at whatever they choose because you believe in them. Even when you play the stock market you’re placing your belief in that commodity to bring you financial gains that will be worth your investment.

But there can also be those unfortunate instances where we invest in something and it doesn’t turn into what we envisioned at the beginning.

Relationships can go sour. Children can become problematic. Stocks can crash and burn.

Sometimes our investments take the form of elected officials and the outcome is either a win or a loss. Once the person we’ve selected has won we look to see if they will hold true to the promises they made when they were campaigning to secure our votes. And in the event that our person loses we still have to watch and wait but our expectations are much lower for the opposing candidate.

And then there are those moments when we’re shocked back into the realization that, elected official or not, they’re still human.

Some of them like strippers. Some of them hate the gays. And some just aren’t that damn bright.

Need further proof?

The bottom line is that people are not infallible. In many circumstances people are idiots that will mess up one way or another at some point, which is cool because nobody is perfect. But still, when you’re selected to lead and you get caught doing something that your constituents and main supporters might frown upon no one should really get mad at the politician.

If anything people should be mad at themselves because they’re the ones who voted that fuck up into the office in the first place.

One thing I believe our society has forgotten is that there is power in numbers and the majority of the people have the power. It’s evident in everything that touches our lives. We choose what the most popular music is based on what we listen to. We determine which movies become blockbusters because we’re the ones dropping our money to see them. We tune in and help TV Networks crown the next top Reality singing competition superstar of tomorrow because we’re the ones texting and calling and going online to vote for them.

So if we take that much care into securing satisfaction for our most basic Entertainment needs then why, pray tell, do we not select the individuals who are employed to represent us just as meticulously?

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

When we learn about crack smoking mayors, cheating married politicians and administrators spending our hard earned money on frivolities that have nothing to do with our betterment we simply brush it off and keep it moving.

Are we not in a damn democracy here?

The current state of our government speaks volumes to our current state as a society. The problem isn’t with our elected officials. The problem is that we don’t require our elected officials to be held to a higher standard than us because, technically, they are our employees. They work to make sure we’re taken care of. And when they get caught dropping the ball we have to take a chunk of that blame as well.

Because we’re not perfect either.


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