When I woke up yesterday I looked at my alarm clock, turned it off, grabbed my phone, set its alarm for another fifteen minutes and went back to sleep.

Clearly I wasn’t ready for Back To Reality Monday after the loooonnnng holiday weekend. To compromise for the fact that I had to get up at the ass crack of dawn once again I slept in for a bit and caught the late train.

This morning I had to come in a little earlier so I took the train at 6:21 AM (gasp) and have been fighting the annoying Yawn Monster all day.

And I’m losing like crazy.

But I’m here. I’m moving forward through this day the best way I can because the only other alternative is to complain. And nobody likes a complainer.

Was it OK for me to sleep in a little late yesterday? Of course it was! That’s the only way I could cope with the devastation that is Back To Reality Monday. But it was a hell of a lot better than calling out because going back to work on Tuesday is somehow worse, and I knew I wasn’t up to that task at all.

As we move deeper into the Holiday season there will be a few more Back To Reality Monday’s for us. Hell, for some of us we will be spraying our tidings all around for the next month.

If you’re smart then you’ve already taken off the Wed-Friday after Christmas and New Year’s respectively. Unfortunately, though you may not be working on those days, you will most certainly not be exempt from the pain and suffering of returning to work from vacation.

So please tread carefully at your next holiday gathering, and trust me there will be plenty. Because ’tis the festive season! And we all will be decking our livers with barrels of liquor.

Fa la la la la bitches.


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