AQH3419.TIFThis day is almost over my friends. And it was super fuckin’ busy.

It was, in fact, so ridiculously busy that I had no time to stop and write.

But here I am now, at 11:02 PM with my motivation.

And it’s gonna be a quickie because I’m sleepy as shit and ready to melt away into dreams for the next 6 hours.

Never become too engulfed in your life to take care of your priorities.

Writing is extremely important to me and the moment I allow myself the opportunity to not write due to being tired or not having enough time is the moment when I go back into those dark days when I never wrote and only lamented about the things I wasn’t doing to make my life better.

So I implore you all to make time for what’s important. Whether it’s a hobby, your family, your lover, your kids, whatever it is. Don’t let these jobs and responsibilities run you into the ground until you realize that you’re never enjoying life. We have to make time for what’s important. I know you’re saying ‘Yeah, that’s easier said than done’

Nope! That’s an excuse. You make time for what’s important. You just need to make the distinction between what you need to do and what you want to do and just get it done.

And right now, I need to take my ass to bed. Good Night!

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