Racism. And You.


You know, it tickles me when people say stupid shit like ‘Racism is dead!’

No. The only thing that’s really dead is intelligence and fortitude.

Recently, the interwebs have been bursting with anger over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s insensitive remarks. What makes it even worse is that he made these remarks to his hot, half Mexican/Half black “girlfriend” V. Stiviano.

Now everyone is screaming RACISM!!!!!! once again because, you know, we live in a world where racism doesn’t exist anymore. Let us not forget that it’s almost been a year since Paula Deen came under fire for her alleged racist remarks. And let’s also not forget that there was a time, not too long ago, when everyone was pissed about the Trayvon Martin ruling.

How many more times are we going to allow the actions of other people to dictate how we’re supposed to feel if we don’t plan on coming up with a better solution? It’s one thing to be shocked and thrown into a tizzy when some really racist shit happens like a lynching, or a murder. But a bunch of comments from some old rich john who’s keeping a Mexican mulatto mistress on his permanent payroll?

People please. Wake the fuck up.

This is not what we should be getting upset about because, as history has shown within the past 365 days, we’re not going to care about this in a few weeks.

But you know what we will care about? We’ll still care about a succession of vapid music being flung into our society like the bullshit that it is. Entitled rappers screaming about all the pussy and money they get but never telling you about the children they fail to take care of. Women injecting thousands of dollars of chemicals into their asses, tits and lips to remain beautiful but never revealing to anyone the ugly scars they carry that make them feel so insecure. Hours and hours of video clips online of young teenagers fighting each other. Their names become famous for a moment like Sharkeisha and then, as if they never even existed, they’re gone until the next violent video comes to steal our attention.

We won’t get upset over how broken and dismissive we’ve become as a society but we will get upset because this man, who probably sees Jesus at his high school reunions, made a few comments about black people?

You ever stop to think about why he thinks the way he does? Because I can guarantee you he’s not the only one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m black first and I would never front on who I am and where I come from. But when something smells like some bullshit I’ve got to speak on it. This is just another temporary distraction for us to get angry because that’s what we’re supposed to do. If someone does something that slightly resembles racism in the least bit it’s time for us to scream and whine, and then go back to watching The Real Attention Whores of Ratchetville or Has Beens and Never Wases.

What The Fuck???

Don’t you get tired of being angry about the wrong shit? If you look at what our community has become that’s what you really need to be upset about. Because the biggest question we should be asking ourselves is What Has Our Community Become? What values are we teaching our children when the highest rated shows in our homes revolve around women who will curse and fight each other for the most infantile reasons? What about the rampant violence that permeates throughout our community to the point where it becomes a hot topic on National news, yet no one has any suggestions on how to keep our children and our communities safe?

No. People would rather worry about Donald Sterling.

Fuck Donald Sterling and Fuck Racism. Because none of this will matter in a few weeks. But the damage we’re doing to ourselves is manifesting itself into our community right now and no one seems to be mad at that at all.


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