The Real Challenge


Recently I saw a video on Youtube. It featured a man dousing himself in a flammable substance and then setting himself on fire. I thought to myself ‘Who the fuck is this asshole?‘. A few days later I saw a fat mutha fucka in a bathtub attempt the same thing and that’s when I knew that this was no coincidence. It is, in fact, a new fad called the Fire Challenge.

Yes, this is a real thing where silly people, thirsty for viral Internet fame, will cover themselves in some type of flammable substance, hand a lighter to a nearby friend (who’s filming the whole thing) and allow them to set them on fire. The end result is supposed to be laughter and millions of hits for the video which will immediately be uploaded to Youtube. But what these idiots are really doing is filming their bad decisions for the rest of the world to see.

Skin isn’t indestructible and unless you’re the Dark Phoenix you shouldn’t want to have flames shooting out of your body. Basically, the Fire Challenge is idiotic and lame. Why would you willingly want to inflict pain upon yourself for a few laughs?

Well apparently the Fire Challenge isn’t the only thing that’s hot in the streets on the Internet.

There’s also a Bleach Challenge where silly mutha fuckas drink bleach.

Do you remember the Cinnamon Challenge from a few years ago? Where silly mutha fuckas would ingest a spoonful of cinnamon, while someone filmed, and coughed and gagged while their friends watched and laughed?

I’ve got a challenge that I want everyone to try. It’s called the Use Your Brain Challenge (aka the Stop Being Such A Dickhead Challenge).

I truly do believe that as a society we are getting dumber and dumber. You don’t have to agree with me because that’s your right. However, I am entitled to my opinion and I’m normally right all the time.

We live in an age of celebrity for no reason, ridiculously infantile entertainment, super-sensitive political correctness and Internet fame which is quite possibly the worse fame anyone could have. Because it takes fame at its base and turns it loose into the hands of the public. And honestly, as I have already stated, fame is a beast. Unfortunately for those who want it the most it’s not something everybody should have. But this is what we’ve started.

People are so thirsty for a little bit of Internet celebrity that they are now deliberately harming themselves to get hits, and likes and mentions. We now live in a time where our worth is no longer dictated by us but by the amount of people who “like” us and want to be our “friend”.

The real challenge will be finding a way out of this age of being followers. Didn’t our parents say to us when we were younger ‘If Jimmy jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge would you do it too?’

Well, if these silly mutha fuckas want to drink bleach, choke on cinnamon and set themselves on fire does that mean you have to do it too?

Of course not. People need to lead by example by finally saying ‘You know what…I’m good’ on all these challenges. Because it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt or dies. Please stop letting the Internet trick you into thinking stupid shit is cool.





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  1. Ren
    August 1, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Once again, this is a well thought out and insightful article. I love the use of humor to convey and needed message. These challenges have gotten out of hand and today’s youth are too blinded by “internet fame” to realize.

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