Price died yesterday and the world feels it.

It’s reminiscent of when Mike and Whitney died because it comes out of left field as a reminder of how precious life is.

Death is the part of life we all like to ignore, because it’s the final act we all will experience at some point. Though we never know when and where.

And honestly, we’re not supposed to go around thinking about it all the time either because that’s not living.

That’s called existing.

Prince lived.

He was musical royalty cloaked in midnight sexy cool pimp daddy purple velour EVERYTHING.

He was the brotha who cooed, screamed, and growled to make you LISTEN!

His presence was oxygen.

His voice a siren song of seduction or a battle cry you paid attention to.

Either way, he had you.

And when he died, something just felt off.

It still feels off.

Perhaps it feels this way because, just like with Mike and Whitney, Prince was an icon from an era when talent, not popularity, dictated one’s success and longevity in the entertainment business. These constructs are alien by today’s standards of InstaModels, fake reality “celebrities” and so forth.

However, unlike Mike and Whitney, Prince was an icon who maintained his iconic status by being mysterious, private and alluring while simultaneously remaining current despite the present culture of talentless trash and forgettable individuals that buy into their own hype. For the most part Prince maintained an anonymity that both Mike and Whitney failed to allude during their storied careers.

And that last statement is in no means an attempt to disrespect Mike or Whitney’s legacy. Unfortunately, the reality is that their lives were wrought with tragedy, triumph and turmoil which unfolded before the very eyes of the public that adored them.

It doesn’t make them any less iconic but it gives them a glimmer of humanity that reminded us that they were mortal beings.

Prince was an entity.

He leaves as his legacy a catalog of melodious folklore that music aficionados will easily enjoy.

However, after you’ve been through some grown up shit, this same catalog will aid in your commiseration and comfort because as I have learned in my life;

  1. The beautiful ones do indeed hurt you every time.
  2. Once you’ve experienced the good love and company of someone who decides they don’t want you the question ‘How come you don’t call me anymore???’ bounces around inside of your mind, combing over countless theories of what you did wrong to repel their affections.
  3. And just so y’all know, baby, I am a star and even though you might not know it now fuckin’ know it. You better get on board bitch!

These are only a few examples of songs that Prince Rogers Nelson created which replay in my mind because they are songs that are intertwined with my soul. Prince has been a part of me since I was a kid and even though I didn’t personally know that brotha I’ve never known a time in my life when he wasn’t around.

The honesty of his music is something that’s missing today. Everyone wants to be just like everybody else and Prince was like “Fuck y’all, I’ma do me and see what happens”

Legend happened.

Legend will continue.

And the name Prince will remain current as his immense catalog will continue to remind everyone of his genius, his cool and his ethereal realness that will never be matched by another.

He was an original.

He was a pimp.

He was the mutha fuckin’ man!

And his soul is now a part of the air we breathe.

Hopefully, it will make this place a little more funky. A little more hip.

A little more royal.



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