Saturday Night


Well this one is new for me.

I’m in the house on a Saturday Night. Not because I’m broke (for once), not because there isn’t anything to do. But merely because I want to be.

That’s a lie. I’m trying to save money and stay away from booze for the next few weeks so I’m at home watching movies and eating turkey burgers.

Long gone are the nights of endless partying with gigantic hangovers the next morning waiting to tease me long enough until it goes away and I begin the process again.

As I mentioned before, I’m thirty-six now (40). And anyone who knows me will tell you I had a long run as being the party king. I remember once I woke up at 6 am to be at work by 7:30 am, got off at 4 pm and went straight to the bar until 2 in the morning.

If I tried that shit now my head would be resting on the bar in between two empty glasses at about 4:15. And this is not a knock against me aging. I’m sure I can still out drink most people and that’s something I can attribute to the lineage of drunkards I have descended from.

However, there’s no reason for me to go out and do that anymore because I’ve already done it and damn I did it well! Will there still be some wild Saturday nights? Maybe a few here and there. But my era has officially come to an end as I sit at my laptop at 7:51 on a Saturday Night writing.

Not drinking, Not smoking a black. I’m sitting in the house WRITING.

God I’m getting old.


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