Saving WHAT, Exactly?

ImageDaylight Saving Time is the saddest part of the fall. Even though I’m gaining an hour, the time change fucks me up like I just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, biting and all.

I don’t know what the whole idea behind this shit is, nor do I care enough to check it out on wiki (but you can if you must)

But what I do know is that my body is having a hard time adjusting to the time change and it has never been this serious before.

My alarm goes off. I look at my phone. I sigh. I hit the snooze button.

My alarm goes off again. I reluctantly roll outta bed and start my day. I’m sleepy as shit at work. I get home, I eat and watch a little TV and then I go to bed early because my body is still confused.

And thus goes the routine of my damn day.

So my question is, what exactly is the damn daylight saving for me?

Rest? Sanity? Cheerfulness? Because I can tell you right now, my black ass is in limited supply of all of those aforementioned things.

I went to bed early as hell least night and I’m still daydreaming about going to bed early tonight.

And it’s not even noon yet.

Oh Thanksgiving break. Please save me from the ungodly 6 o’clock hour. Even three years after I’ve started working here I still can’t get used to waking up early.

Next Wednesday, when I’m waking up at damn near 9, I’m going to kiss my alarm clock, shout ‘Halleluiah!’ and take the longest most luxurious shower EVER because I won’t have to rush out the house to catch a train or have to take anything out for dinner.

Don’t mind me. I’m still half-sleep.

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