Shovels Up, Hoes Down


Shovels, girls and fighting? Sounds like a new Reality TV show.

But before that, yesterday I was super busy at work so I was unable to hit you with Monday’s Motivation; so here it is briefly:

Always make time for the things that are important to you, and be weary of people who don’t make time for you because you’re not important to them.

See, quick and straight to the point. (And I realize the irony of this quote because I didn’t make time to post anything yesterday, but I was thinking about it. So shut up)

All right, now onto today.

There has been a video circulating of two young girls fighting. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a new trend because there are always videos of young people fighting. In any case, I refused to watch the video yesterday but today I said to myself ‘Fuck it. Let me see this hot mess

This has to be, by far, the most organized girl fight in the history of all girl fights. And I should know because I’ve seen plenty of them.

I remember when I was in high school these two girls made their fight an all day event by starting in the cafeteria during lunch and finishing that shit on the bus ride home from school.

And then a year later, four girls got into a GLOW style Battle Royale that started with one girl opening up her hand and blowing either salt or powder into her opponents face.

Now that’s entertainment!

This shit right here, is just sad. But not just because of the fight itself but because of the fact that the trend of filming these altercations is never going to go away.

Watch as their friends stand around filming like spectators at a huge Las Vegas boxing match. They never jump in, they’re just happy to be there. Clearly things went all the way left at the end when the girl in the pink shirt, let’s call her “Sadly” (because she was sadly mistaken if she thought she’d be declared the winner) caught a shovel to the dome.

It was then in that instance when she began to cry I realized ‘This is pretty fucked up. These are kids’

Back in my day a million years ago if you caught a beatdown the only people that knew about it were the people who were there. This girl got hit in her head with a shovel and not only did her “friends” see it, the entire world gets to see it.

Anytime they want to. Forever.

There are even music videos of the moment when her life “Sadly” took a turn for the worse.

Hopefully, she’ll learn her lesson and recover from her injuries with a little more sense because I can only imagine how alert she became after realizing that someone just attacked her with a classic gardening accessory.

I will say this though; As fucked up as this video is it does show a huge disparity between the races. Because had this been a group of sistahs this fight would have been about three seconds long. No one has time to take breaks and grab weapons. You knuckle up as quickly as you can so the winner can upload the video to Youtube during the bus ride home. If you’ve got to hit mu’fuckas with shovels you’re doing too much.

Clearly these girls don’t watch enough World Star because they haven’t mastered the art of Youtube Brawl Etiquette.

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