So Far….

1) Stop Smoking

2) Stop Drinking so damn much

3) Start exercising on a regular basis

4) Start eating better

5) STOP meeting men off the internet


The five things that I stated I would stop doing or start doing more of have been a constant struggle through this year. But they remain consistent in their importance in my life.


# 1

Yes!!!!I’ve done that! I had a few episodes where I would smoke a Black or two, but those instances were few and far between. I’m at a point right now where I know I don’t need it and by the end of this year I’ll be 100% smoke free.

# 2

….Eh….THIS one is a bit harder to do. True, I know I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to. But I also realize that I drink every weekend. Like, EVERY weekend. And I know that I’m going to drink, but I need to find a way to have one drink and be done with it. Maybe a drink, a shot and a beer and that’s it. I’ll try that formula for the next time I go out.

# 3

I exercise every week. For a while it was at least once a week and three times at the most. Now I’m in a transitional phase where I’m exercising at least two times a week and at the most five. Yes, this transition is choppy. But as long as I stick to it I know I’ll be successful.

# 4

This is harder than cutting back on my drinking because I’ll eat the right things for a while, then I’ll get a taste of something like a Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Fairmount Pizza and it’s All Bets Are Off! once again. Hell I just saw a commercial for a garlic bread pizza at Pizza Hut and I was ready to run to Stenton Ave and go get mine. Changing my eating habits has been the most difficult part and I know that it’s only gonna become more challenging before it becomes easier. And I’m not looking forward to the crankiness and the hunger I have yet to truly endure.

# 5

Yeah….ummm, it took me a while to learn this lesson. I had to rummage my way through a guy with a hygeine problem, a whiny pessimist, a delusional alleged “murderer” (don’t ask) and a few Fuck Buddies from my past. But I would have to say that the true turning point for me was when my ex came over to my apartment and began to kiss me. There was no way in hell I was going to allow that to go down, and that’s when I realized that I tend to romanticize the past. After that night I have continued to remain true to the words I said to myself on January 1 2012: STOP meeting men off the internet.

So there it is. I’ve started the change, slipped and fell quite a few times, but I see the results of sticking to my ability to live a better life. SO MUCH, that I now have added 5 new goals for myself.

1) Return to the Open Mic scene

2) Stop looking for men ANYWHERE (and no that doesn’t mean I’ll start looking for women)

3) Focus 100% on my writing and voice over careers

4) No longer live within the beautiful memories of my past and focus more on making new memories today

5) Lose 20 lbs by Christmas

(And number 6 is to tend to this blog on a more consisten basis)

I’ll break down my goals in six months.

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