Stop Lying To Yourself

ImageTomorrow, Black History Month will begin. Get ready to hear about Dr. King, President Obama and Oprah for the next 28 damn days.

I kid, but not really. Some people don’t think there’s a need for Black History Month anymore because they no longer see color.

Well, I stay leery of people who say They Don’t See Color when they look at other people. Because I believe that’s a bunch of bullshit. Unless you live in an Asian country like China or Japan it would be hard to dismiss the various hues that comprise the American people. We range from pale and rosy to dark and lovely, and everywhere in between. And if anyone is delusional enough to not acknowledge this I take that as them believing our society is homogeneous, which is far from the case. Because if we did live in a truly homogeneous society there would be no need for sexism, homophobia, racism, ageism, classism or just the word ISM in general.

In order to fix what’s wrong with our society we have to first acknowledge that we are a diverse society that is like no other place in the world. We’ve spent so much time trying to remember where we come from that we’ve forgotten exactly where it is we come from; America. Our ties to our countries of origin were broken long ago. It’s good to have pride and never forget history, but none of us know what it’s like to grow up in Italy, Ireland, England, or any of the African countries (Because Africa is a CONTINENT! Not a damn country. Instead of saying I’m going to Africa please state where exactly. Because it’s fuckin’ huge.)

So take pride in your American diversity and please stop lying to yourself. It doesn’t make anything better.


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