Tag: African American

Changing of the Seasons

As we age the seasons change. We go from one point in our lives to another. There’s a lot going on in our world right now, much that I haven’t really come here to discuss because it’s all the same stuff I have been discussing for years. Hatred wears a white face cloaked in blue clothes with red crosshairs in… Read more →

Why We Care About The Academy Awards

It’s 2016, and the annual Academy Awards ceremony is an institution that is about to celebrate its 88th year. However, when people of color aren’t nominated for their work there’s still an uproar over the lack of diversity and I can’t understand why. Maybe it stings a bit more this year because the Academy president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, is an African… Read more →

Black Culture is Still Important

When I think about the concept of black culture and what it meant for me growing up I am reminded of the lessons of strength from our history as a people. I am reminded of the courageous brothas and sistahs who came before us to battle the injustices of their reality to ensure a future where black people would be viewed with dignity… Read more →

Whip Ya’ Like Butter!

She said it. She’s been saying it. And now, she’s losing everything because of her decision to reveal her timeless love affair with that word. A word so heinous, so damaging to our American culture that its usage is only allotted to a select few. A word so detrimental to the purity of our country that the NAACP, on behalf… Read more →