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Empire Re-Cap: Sin That Amends

Empire Season 3 Episode 2: Sin That Amends   Last night primarily focused on backstory and character development so it wasn’t as eventful as last week. I’m hoping that the show is opting for a steadier rise as opposed to the frenetic, unbelievable nature of the second season. In any event, I’m here for it. And so are you. Let’s… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: Rise By Sin

Empire Season 2 Episode 17: Rise By Sin Last night was Whoah. It was our reward for sticking with the show after damn near everyone else abandoned it. I may talk my shit, but I still want Empire to succeed. And last night, succeed it did. Last week’s re-cap is here. Shook Ones Lucious, in final preparation for the ASA’s,… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: The Lyon Who Cried Wolf

Empire Season 2 Episode 16: The Lyon Who Cried Wolf Since I’ve been so disappointed in Empire for the past few weeks last night I said ‘Fuck it. I’m going out tonight. I’ll watch that shit tomorrow.’ Of course, the first time I do that the show is actually good. Last night’s episode was a whole bunch of Whoah! Here’s last… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: More Than Kin

Empire Season 2 Episode 15: More Than Kin Empire is a show I personally believe in, even though I know it has lost a huge chunk of its initial fan base. And I can see why. Each week the continuity, coherence and cohesiveness of the narrative gets lost inside of huge WOW moments that don’t really make a lot of… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: Time Shall Unfold

Empire Season 2 Episode 14: Time Shall Unfold I’m not sure how you felt about last night’s episode, but that shit was terrible. Rushed plots. Incoherent storytelling. It was a whole mess. If you need to read last week’s recap for The Tameness of a Wolf here it is. Oh Empire, I have to warn you….this is gonna hurt. The… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: My Bad Parts

Empire Season 2 Episode 8: My Bad Parts I think this week was better than last week, but that’s still not saying much. Here’s last week’s review if you need to know what’s going on (although I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on at this point) My Bad Parts Lucious is the messiest bitch on television right now. Messier… Read more →