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The Real Challenge

Recently I saw a video on Youtube. It featured a man dousing himself in a flammable substance and then setting himself on fire. I thought to myself ‘Who the fuck is this asshole?‘. A few days later I saw a fat mutha fucka in a bathtub attempt the same thing and that’s when I knew that this was no coincidence.… Read more →

A Village’s Ashes

I have been struggling with the perfect way to write this. Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to write this because it’s a topic that everyone wants to glaze over. I could be dramatic and tell you that our youth are dying. Literally and Figuratively, but would that really grab your attention? There are so many stories of teenagers killing… Read more →


Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. I’m on each of these sites but I live on Facebook. Even though many will ask “Why you still on Facebook? Twitter is where it’s poppin”. OR “Why you don’t post more pics on Instagram? That’s where it be POPPIN’ poppin’!” I like Facebook because it’s all there in front of you and ready to go. Watch… Read more →

The Broke Show

Ah 2012. You were, by far, a thousand times better than 2011 (which sucked roach balls). Romantically, YOU PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT OF FUNNY STORIES. Some were Ha Ha funny while others were SMH funny, and the rest were just WTF??? funny.In any case, my love life is going into its 8th season as one of the most hilarious… Read more →