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Please Raise Your Children.

Excuse me parents, but raising your children? Yeah, you’re doing it all wrong. There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation called Bad Ass Kids and it’s becoming a staple in our world because we see it every day. Kids cursing on buses. Groups of boys starting fights. Girls dressed like harlots. People, this has to stop. But I can’t stress enough… Read more →

A Village’s Ashes

I have been struggling with the perfect way to write this. Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to write this because it’s a topic that everyone wants to glaze over. I could be dramatic and tell you that our youth are dying. Literally and Figuratively, but would that really grab your attention? There are so many stories of teenagers killing… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

A Reminder Every Sunday in the fall I, along with my brothas, watch Football from about 1 in the afternoon until roughly 10 in the evening. Sometimes I cut out a little earlier than 10 because I get up at the ass crack of dawn to go to work but those times are very rare. I’m normally there for the… Read more →