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As I look out of my window, the snowflakes gently whizzing by looking like tiny stars dancing across a cold gray background I look to the Heavens at Mother Nature, roll my eyes and sigh. Really Bitch? After TWO DAYS of anticipating this nut ass weather NOW you choose to snow? After I’ve already postponed doing certain things because I… Read more →

The Problem with Your 30’s

You know, not too long ago I was in my 20’s. I was a hard drinking, hard smoking, hard partying animal whose days consisted of sleep and nights consisted of liquor and fun. Whether it was at home with friends or out and about making new friends, I have always been all about that life. Well you know what? I’m… Read more →

F#ck It!!

Earlier this week I was spazzing about how I’m completely broke until next Friday. And believe me, on Monday I had moments of utter despair followed by worry and doubt on how I was going to make it. Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but I had the same moments of fear in my mind. And then it hit me; The… Read more →

Not An Aisle Fan

This morning it’s rainy, and cold, and February 8. Not that it’s a specific day, it’s just sooooo far away from the Spring it makes me sad. This morning I caught the train at 6:53 (the train I hate with my whole heart and soul, but I must catch it in order to be here on time). I was already… Read more →