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When I woke up yesterday I looked at my alarm clock, turned it off, grabbed my phone, set its alarm for another fifteen minutes and went back to sleep. Clearly I wasn’t ready for Back To Reality Monday after the loooonnnng holiday weekend. To compromise for the fact that I had to get up at the ass crack of dawn… Read more →

Thank Me Now

We all have had our fair share of holiday get togethers. From the huge Easter dinner where everyone is dressed like they’re going to a Cabaret to New Years Eve parties where someone is guaranteed to either fall asleep before midnight or fall down the steps. But those holidays aren’t for a while so let’s focus on the second-most treasured… Read more →

February 14th

IF YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP…. Ladies, This is for you Fellas, This is for you And just know that I Love You. But this post ain’t for you. Today, I’m talking to anyone  out there who will allow this one day to shatter your belief in love or heighten any sadness you feel about being single. Do NOT let this… Read more →