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What I’ve Learned After Pulse…

The Pulse massacre in Orlando on Sunday has forever changed me. I used to be very careful about how I expressed myself in regards to my sexuality because I didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I wanted to let people know ‘Yo, I’m not straight’ but leave the distinction there and not do anything to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.… Read more →

Your Thoughts on Homosexuality

Even today, in 2015, many people think of homosexuality like this;     That thought process is strong here in America, where being a gay man means you’re either a punk, trying to be a woman or both. There can be no masculinity inside of a man who chooses dicks over pussy right? The word Faggot is the 100% encapsulation of… Read more →

Being Gay Is A Choice

I am somewhat of an anomaly because I’m a gay dude with a lot of straight friends, both male and female. Sometimes I wonder if I were to leave Philly and had to start over in a different city would the majority of my new friends be straight or gay? And though that thought has entered my mind a few times it… Read more →

Monifah Vs. The Criminal

Monifah Cater, star of TV One’s reality drama R&B Diva’s, recently wed her long-time girlfriend Terez in a beautiful ceremony that took place in Hawaii back in February. However, the pictures are just surfacing now to coincide with the show’s upcoming season finale. Personally, I think the pictures are beautiful because I’m all for love. I hope love comes and… Read more →