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Saturday Night

Well this one is new for me. I’m in the house on a Saturday Night. Not because I’m broke (for once), not because there isn’t anything to do. But merely because I want to be. That’s a lie. I’m trying to save money and stay away from booze for the next few weeks so I’m at home watching movies and… Read more →

The Knowledge of Acceptance

We spend our lives with the knowledge that some things are a part of us. They’re things that we know we can’t live without like air, free will and the freedom of speech. Then there are some things that we need to give up. Things that we need to understand are only for a brief moment in our lives and… Read more →

A Society of Punks

I hated high school. There is no other time in my life where I have felt so out of place and awkward. However, I’m glad I’m not in high school now because we live in a world where one’s social life has to be in tact both within society and online. Could you imagine being the nerdy kid with a… Read more →

The Broke Show

Ah 2012. You were, by far, a thousand times better than 2011 (which sucked roach balls). Romantically, YOU PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT OF FUNNY STORIES. Some were Ha Ha funny while others were SMH funny, and the rest were just WTF??? funny.In any case, my love life is going into its 8th season as one of the most hilarious… Read more →