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Empire Re-Cap: Light In Darkness

Empire Season 3 Episode 1: Light In Darkness WHADDUP!!! This summer was crazy, and our world is fucked up. But you know how we combat that? We spend some quality time with the dysfunctional light skinned Lyon’s of South Philly. I missed you guys. Now let’s get to it.     Life After Death Rhonda’s dead. Let’s just get that… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: Past Is Prologue

Empire Season 2 Episode 18: Past Is Prologue   I’m so glad we had this time together 🙂 For those of you that have been riding out with me all season reading these recaps I Thank You. I write the recaps with you in mind. That said, let’s jump into the season finale of our favorite What The Fuck?! series. Last… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: Et Tu Brute?

Empire Season 2 Episode 10: Et Tu Brute?   If you need to catch up check out last week’s review for Sinned Against. The Winter Finale came through like a high speed train that jumped the rails and destroyed a few houses. For a show that clearly lost its way in the beginning Empire brought buckets of drama and crazy… Read more →

The Jamal Lyon Era

I must admit that FOX’s hit TV show “Empire” gives me everything I need on a Wednesday night. After the first three episodes I am completely hooked and ready to see how the family drama unfolds between Lucious and Cookie from Philly. But it’s not just about them because there’s also a supporting cast featuring their three sons, Lucious’ beautiful second… Read more →