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Empire Re-Cap: A Furnace For Your Foe

Empire Season 3 Episode 9: A Furnace For Your Foe You know what? Last night’s finale was kinda boring. Especially when you consider the cliffhanger from last year. However, it still needs to be recapped. It won’t take long. Here’s last week’s recap if you need it.   Everyone Gets PLAYED   We open with Angelo, accompanied by Mama Diane and… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: What We May Be

Empire Season 3 Episode 7: What We May Be First things first; I apologize for the last review. It wasn’t up to standard and that’s never acceptable. Please accept this recap as my promise to never half step from this point on. Now get ready to laugh.   Drugs, Death and a Dinner Party   The episode began with a frustrated Cookie… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: More Than Kin

Empire Season 2 Episode 15: More Than Kin Empire is a show I personally believe in, even though I know it has lost a huge chunk of its initial fan base. And I can see why. Each week the continuity, coherence and cohesiveness of the narrative gets lost inside of huge WOW moments that don’t really make a lot of… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: Et Tu Brute?

Empire Season 2 Episode 10: Et Tu Brute?   If you need to catch up check out last week’s review for Sinned Against. The Winter Finale came through like a high speed train that jumped the rails and destroyed a few houses. For a show that clearly lost its way in the beginning Empire brought buckets of drama and crazy… Read more →

Empire Re-Cap: My Bad Parts

Empire Season 2 Episode 8: My Bad Parts I think this week was better than last week, but that’s still not saying much. Here’s last week’s review if you need to know what’s going on (although I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on at this point) My Bad Parts Lucious is the messiest bitch on television right now. Messier… Read more →

Empire, You’re Starting To Suck.

Empire. Lee Daniels. What the fuck? When Empire debuted earlier this year I was blown away by how it surpassed my expectations. For starters I thought it would be Power‘s simple-minded short bus cousin but it turned out to be something completely different. It was a campy, meaty drama with over-the-top characters and enough plot twists to propel a nighttime soap… Read more →