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Monday’s Motivation

Perception Is Reality This is my first year playing Fantasy Football and I love it. It makes the games more interesting and it makes you really care about the progress of other teams. For years it was all about the Eagles (and it still is) but now I can watch a game featuring a different team and be just as… Read more →

The Arrogance of Youth

There is no other time in our lives more special than our youth. It is when we are at our most pure and in some cases our most beautiful. We haven’t been exposed to many of the joys and ills that life has to offer as we are still experiencing the early part of the journey and forming who we… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

The Watchers     In Life one thing is guaranteed; You’re going to meet people. All kinds of people. And some of them aren’t always going to have your 100% best interest at heart but they will smile in your face and laugh with you to keep appearances up. If you trust them you will share your dreams with them.… Read more →


As I was on my way into work today listening to my iPod the remix to the song Magic by Robin Thicke featuring Mary J. Blige popped up. I had completely forgotten about that song and wasn’t surprised that it was the remix because Mary is on there. And I stan hard for Mary. I was grooving. It made me… Read more →

The Responsibility of Fame

“For certain people fame lasts for a moment. For others it lasts for a lifetime. And for the rest it only lasts long enough to destroy them.” -BRRIII As a society we are obsessed with celebrities. We care more about their lives than our own as we go broke trying to emulate their posh lifestyles. We become enamored with who… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

A Reminder Every Sunday in the fall I, along with my brothas, watch Football from about 1 in the afternoon until roughly 10 in the evening. Sometimes I cut out a little earlier than 10 because I get up at the ass crack of dawn to go to work but those times are very rare. I’m normally there for the… Read more →


When I sit and think about where I was five years ago it makes me wonder. At 30 years old I had just snuck back into Philly after completing a fabulous FREE trip around the world. I was about ten lbs skinnier, I had cornrows and a strange mountain man goatee. But inside I had become different. All of the… Read more →