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Hurricane Of Hurt

Here’s a poem about how our experiences can damage another person’s life like a hurricane. Ironically it can damage us as well. I hope you enjoy it.   Aloof Ben Robinson III I tried to give you the gentlemen in me When you laid your love at my feet And simply I laughed Looked past your heart And stared off… Read more →

Love & Success

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. – Arthur Ashe Think of the question “What do you want most out of life?” Which words enter your mind? Success? Money? Love? Intelligence? These are merely a few examples of the things people wish to experience in their lifetime, but of the aforementioned… Read more →


A poem. I hope you love it as much as I do.   I Fight No Longer by Ben Robinson III When I look into the mirror I fear what’s there the most The eyes of a man whose heart has vanished And what’s left is just a ghost Such a tragedy to see a lost soul roaming like a… Read more →

Hate To See You Leave

Ah 2013. What can I say? You and I had a few good times. I’ve accomplished a lot during our time together and had to face some hard decisions that I know will enrich my life for many years to come, God willing. However, I can’t let you leave without Thanking you for your time. I have to Thank You… Read more →

Fucked Up

I speak my mind. A Lot. Sometimes to the point of my own detriment because I have a very cavalier, Fuck You type of demeanor. It doesn’t readily come off though because when people see me they think ‘Oh he looks like a nice person. I can just say whatever I want to him’ Fuck outta here with that bullshit!… Read more →

We’ve Got Love

In two months I will be celebrating my eight year anniversary.   Of being single. My last (and only) relationship was a good training ground for realizing what I will and won’t accept. And I do miss having that one person I can spend time with after dealing with the multitude of craziness at my job. Or someone I can… Read more →