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Monday’s Motivation

And So It Begins The first Monday back after a long holiday is always the toughest. All day Sunday you slip in and out of the realization that once you go to work it’s Back To Reality. The days off, parties, gatherings with loved ones and good feelings associated with the holidays are all over. And if your holiday was… Read more →

Drinking on a Monday

It was not my intention to be one of the stereotypically loud black people inside of a predominantly white leather bar during a Phillies game last night But dammit, that’s who I was. My homie Vellie is celebrating his birthday all this week and I decided to hang out with him for a bit after work, and afterwards I went… Read more →

Hopped Up Out The Bed

Normally on Monday mornings my routine goes a little bit like this: a) Wake up to the alarm on my phone, barely opening my eyes b) Hit Snooze c) Hit Snooze d) Hit Snooze e) Realize that I hit Snooze one too many times and rush to get out of the house before 7:15 Depending on how badly I behaved… Read more →

F#ck It!!

Earlier this week I was spazzing about how I’m completely broke until next Friday. And believe me, on Monday I had moments of utter despair followed by worry and doubt on how I was going to make it. Tuesday and Wednesday were good, but I had the same moments of fear in my mind. And then it hit me; The… Read more →

Hold On

The Super Bowl was great. And Super Bowl Sunday with friends is always fun. But that damn Monday after the Super Bowl is the worse! I’m not sure if you were one of the smart ones who chose to not imbibe during last night’s festivities, but if you’re anything like me your body is at work but your soul is… Read more →