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Monday’s Motivation

Eyes Forward   I’m a little under the weather financially. But then again, so are most of the people I know. None of us are rich. We all have responsibilities we need to tend to and the luxury of doing what we want to do sometimes takes a backseat to what we have to do. I know of this pinch… Read more →

The End of the Affair

Everyone, I have a confession to make. Recently my job handed out bonuses for the year and let me just tell you my eyes popped out of my head when I checked my account balance that fateful Tuesday morning. The bonuses always come on a Tuesday so I affectionately call that day: SUPER TUESDAY! Because it truly is a fuckin’… Read more →

The Truth About Credit

Everyone says that money comes and goes. Because it’s true. As soon as you get paid you have a shitload of bills just waiting for you. A hundred dollars here. Another hundred there. A couple hundred dollars later and it’s back to eating gum with a side of tap water and sadness for dinner for the next few weeks. Money… Read more →

The Broke Show

Ah 2012. You were, by far, a thousand times better than 2011 (which sucked roach balls). Romantically, YOU PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT OF FUNNY STORIES. Some were Ha Ha funny while others were SMH funny, and the rest were just WTF??? funny.In any case, my love life is going into its 8th season as one of the most hilarious… Read more →