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Surfboard – AKA The Grammys

God the Grammys suck. Every year they serve as a reminder of how much these awards shows have turned into popularity contests. Music is no longer the soundtrack to our lives. It’s the elevator music we listen to as we descend deeper and deeper into the pits of Hell. True, there are still a lot of stellar, phenomenal artists out… Read more →

Things Can Change

On October 3 1995 a jury found OJ Simpson Not Guilty in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. I went to a racially diverse high school (AKA we were the chocolate chips in the cookie dough) and I remember that classes were canceled due to a pipe bursting in the wee hours before the… Read more →


As I was on my way into work today listening to my iPod the remix to the song Magic by Robin Thicke featuring Mary J. Blige popped up. I had completely forgotten about that song and wasn’t surprised that it was the remix because Mary is on there. And I stan hard for Mary. I was grooving. It made me… Read more →

The Responsibility of Fame

“For certain people fame lasts for a moment. For others it lasts for a lifetime. And for the rest it only lasts long enough to destroy them.” -BRRIII As a society we are obsessed with celebrities. We care more about their lives than our own as we go broke trying to emulate their posh lifestyles. We become enamored with who… Read more →

A Quickie: What Happened??

As I’ve stated before, I LOVE Music. And videos are one of the most classic examples of an art form inspired by music. But only when they tell a story that goes along with the song. Like Congratulations by Vesta (RIP). She’s singing about hearing from a nosy, gossiping friend that her ex-man is getting married TODAY! “Bitch run to… Read more →

Take A Ride With Me….

  I LOVE Music. Primarily because I love words and how they express our thoughts and feelings. Without words we’d all just go around poking each other with sticks and loudly yelling gibberish to get each other’s attention. Even though some people still do that, thank God for words. Through music we’re blessed with the gift of song. A song… Read more →

It’s Not Just Hip Hop

Nowadays people, especially the older more sophisticated connoisseur of Hip Hop like yours truly, like to talk about how wack all of these new rappers are like Drake, and Nicki and whoever else is out there feeding our children lies and talking reckless. The majority of marketable Hip Hop is trash. They’re all songs about materialism, misogyny and the miscreants… Read more →