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Sunday Night

It’s Sunday Night. Football is on. I’m chilling with my brothas and all I can think about is ‘Damn I gotta work tomorrow!’ I don’t think any of us really want to be bothered with the thought of what has to happen on Monday. The weekend is only a taste of the time we have the belongs to us. And… Read more →

Just Play Football Brotha

Michael Sam is about to make history as the first “out” football player in the NFL. Because let’s be honest, he’s not the only gay dude within the organization. And I’m sorry if that fact may have burst your bubble but come on. You didn’t really think that only straight guys play sports did you? The NFL is built on… Read more →

Hold On

The Super Bowl was great. And Super Bowl Sunday with friends is always fun. But that damn Monday after the Super Bowl is the worse! I’m not sure if you were one of the smart ones who chose to not imbibe during last night’s festivities, but if you’re anything like me your body is at work but your soul is… Read more →