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Happy New Year 2015

When I think about the infinite possibilities of 2015 and how I can make it 100% better than 2014 it puts a smile on my face. Because that’s when I realize¬†that at this moment in my life, in January of a brand new year, I can do whatever I want to move forward with a different¬†outlook. Change will be easy… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

And So It Begins The first Monday back after a long holiday is always the toughest. All day Sunday you slip in and out of the realization that once you go to work it’s Back To Reality. The days off, parties, gatherings with loved ones and good feelings associated with the holidays are all over. And if your holiday was… Read more →

Hate To See You Leave

Ah 2013. What can I say? You and I had a few good times. I’ve accomplished a lot during our time together and had to face some hard decisions that I know will enrich my life for many years to come, God willing. However, I can’t let you leave without Thanking you for your time. I have to Thank You… Read more →


When I woke up yesterday I looked at my alarm clock, turned it off, grabbed my phone, set its alarm for another fifteen minutes and went back to sleep. Clearly I wasn’t ready for Back To Reality Monday after the loooonnnng holiday weekend. To compromise for the fact that I had to get up at the ass crack of dawn… Read more →