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Stay In School…Stay Off The Pole.

Education is everything. But this isn’t necessarily a fact you realize when you’re younger and in school because, honestly, school is all you know. Basically, it’s your life. You wake up, you go to school, you go home, do homework, go to sleep and repeat the process the next day.  In essence school is your very first job until you… Read more →

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Carter….

I have taken this opportunity to write a letter to the King and Queen of our times, Mr. and Mrs. Carter. Will they ever see this? More than likely no. But hell, millions of people never see any of the shit I write anyway so that’s not gonna stop me. Greetings Your Highnesses, You don’t know me. My name is… Read more →

Friday’s Fiction

Every Friday I post a snippet of a piece I’m working on. Today’s piece is from ‘Hoping: Junior Year’ which is about a group of friends coming of age in Present Day Philadelphia. This will be a part of its own series. Enjoy and Have A Great Weekend. Drew and his friends walked home from the library slowly in a… Read more →

Black in Response

First let me start off by saying that I am 100% proud to be a black man. And I joke a lot about white people but the truth of the matter is that I realized a long time ago that not every white person is out to get you and not every black person will have your back. And yes,… Read more →

F#ckin’ Frost

It’s wintertime in Philadelphia, and you know what? It’s cold as shit. But then again it’s always cold in the winter in Philly. And at times I forget that, since I work so early in the morning, I have to contend with the fuckin’ frost on my windshield and car windows. That shit annoys the hell outta me!! God I… Read more →