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Changing of the Seasons

As we age the seasons change. We go from one point in our lives to another. There’s a lot going on in our world right now, much that I haven’t really come here to discuss because it’s all the same stuff I have been discussing for years. Hatred wears a white face cloaked in blue clothes with red crosshairs in… Read more →

Black Culture is Still Important

When I think about the concept of black culture and what it meant for me growing up I am reminded of the lessons of strength from our history as a people. I am reminded of the courageous brothas and sistahs who came before us to battle the injustices of their reality to ensure a future where black people would be viewed with dignity… Read more →

Baltimore. USA.

WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE. You may or may not agree with what I’m about to say, but that’s never stopped me from speaking my mind. So here goes.   The problem with what’s going on in Baltimore has nothing to do with the rioting. It has nothing to do with the destruction of the community. It has nothing to do with… Read more →


Racism is alive. Fear is real. Love only exists inside materialistic bullshit and which pics online will garner likes, envy and want. Racism is a cancer that’s killing us slowly. It eats from within and makes us view each other through a hopeless scope. We’re reminded of how the richest niggas can rock an expensive gold rope and forgetting about… Read more →

Racism. And You.

You know, it tickles me when people say stupid shit like ‘Racism is dead!’ No. The only thing that’s really dead is intelligence and fortitude. Recently, the interwebs have been bursting with anger over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s insensitive remarks. What makes it even worse is that he made these remarks to his hot, half Mexican/Half black “girlfriend” V.… Read more →

Fucked Up

I speak my mind. A Lot. Sometimes to the point of my own detriment because I have a very cavalier, Fuck You type of demeanor. It doesn’t readily come off though because when people see me they think ‘Oh he looks like a nice person. I can just say whatever I want to him’ Fuck outta here with that bullshit!… Read more →


As I was on my way into work today listening to my iPod the remix to the song Magic by Robin Thicke featuring Mary J. Blige popped up. I had completely forgotten about that song and wasn’t surprised that it was the remix because Mary is on there. And I stan hard for Mary. I was grooving. It made me… Read more →

Friday’s Fiction

Every Friday I post a piece of something I’m working on. Today I’m offering you this story of a young man in 1930’s Florida. I just started working on it but I will definitely continue. Thanks for reading and Have A Great Weekend!   Stand Your Ground by Ben Robinson III   Walking back home through the swamp I wondered… Read more →

Black in Response

First let me start off by saying that I am 100% proud to be a black man. And I joke a lot about white people but the truth of the matter is that I realized a long time ago that not every white person is out to get you and not every black person will have your back. And yes,… Read more →