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Your Thoughts on Homosexuality

Even today, in 2015, many people think of homosexuality¬†like this;     That thought process is strong here in America, where being a gay man means you’re either a punk, trying to be a woman or both. There can be no masculinity inside of a man who chooses dicks over pussy right? The word Faggot is the 100% encapsulation of… Read more →

Kim Davis Met Pope Francis!

Last week the Illest World Tour began its last leg when Pope Francis graced Philadelphia with his holy presence. Prior to his arrival many authorities here in the City of Brotherly Love informed us all that his coming would warrant long lines, public transportation shut downs and a healthy revenue for the city as a whole. When the papal smoke… Read more →

My Thoughts on Kim Davis

Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses, is somewhat of a rebel. In a world that is constantly evolving she stands her ground on her beliefs. And that’s fine because she is more than entitled to do so as an American. We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs. What she fails… Read more →

Don’t Be Surpised…

This week has been ridiculously groundbreaking and historic. My man James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano from New Jersey, was laid to rest (RIP and Respect) The Trayvon Martin case has started in Florida, and though I can’t watch it at work my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Paula Deen has slathered herself in buttery bigotry. And that nut… Read more →