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This is the first few pages of a story I’ve been writing for a little over a month. It’s still a little rough so be nice 🙂 Please give me your feedback, would love to hear from you. Illusions by Ben Robinson III   “Keeping My Promises” crept into Shane’s ears as he sat inside the Glow Worm Tavern just blocks… Read more →

Friday’s Fiction

Every Friday I post a snippet of a piece I’m working on. Today’s piece is from ‘Hoping: Junior Year’ which is about a group of friends coming of age in Present Day Philadelphia. This will be a part of its own series. Enjoy and Have A Great Weekend. Drew and his friends walked home from the library slowly in a… Read more →

Friday’s Fiction

Every Friday I post a piece of something I’m working on. Today I’m offering you this story of a young man in 1930’s Florida. I just started working on it but I will definitely continue. Thanks for reading and Have A Great Weekend!   Stand Your Ground by Ben Robinson III   Walking back home through the swamp I wondered… Read more →