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A Quickie: One Helluva Show

Some would call me lazy (and I would agree) but I love sleep. Yes, I realize Nas famously said that sleep is the cousin of death, but dammit if we all don’t need that time killer to survive in this life. For sleep replenishes us so we can attack our full days. And I will admit that sometimes I go… Read more →

Hopped Up Out The Bed

Normally on Monday mornings my routine goes a little bit like this: a) Wake up to the alarm on my phone, barely opening my eyes b) Hit Snooze c) Hit Snooze d) Hit Snooze e) Realize that I hit Snooze one too many times and rush to get out of the house before 7:15 Depending on how badly I behaved… Read more →

The Problem with Your 30’s

You know, not too long ago I was in my 20’s. I was a hard drinking, hard smoking, hard partying animal whose days consisted of sleep and nights consisted of liquor and fun. Whether it was at home with friends or out and about making new friends, I have always been all about that life. Well you know what? I’m… Read more →