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Hello my people! Please forgive me for not being as vocal as I have been in the past. But the truth is that I’ve just been so damn jaded with the rapid deterioration of our nation that I had to step away. I have long term Trump’s Disease and the shit feels terminal, even if the diagnosis reassures me that… Read more →

The Advent

During the election of 2016 America played a joke on itself and the punch line is Donald Trump. As the day draws closer to the Obamas exit from the White House to make way for the immigrant hating/marrying Comb-over King all I can do is prepare to drink and cry on Friday. Because our lives are going to be forever… Read more →

Kim Davis Met Pope Francis!

Last week the Illest World Tour began its last leg when Pope Francis graced Philadelphia with his holy presence. Prior to his arrival many authorities here in the City of Brotherly Love informed us all that his coming would warrant long lines, public transportation shut downs and a healthy revenue for the city as a whole. When the papal smoke… Read more →

The New America

America. The land of the free and brave. The place other nations look upon with wonder and hope or rage and scorn. There is no other place in the world like it because we take pieces of other civilizations which predate ours and mix them together like a huge pot of gumbo. The University educational systems began in Africa. The… Read more →

Please Stop.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr. King If Dr. King were alive today, and he saw this flyer, do you think he would laugh and say “When I said I wanted us to be free this is exactly what I meant. Shake that ass, shake that ass. Great God almighty,… Read more →

Monday’s Motivation

Greedy Bitches This is a super accelerated work week for me due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Granted, I know that the name Thanksgiving is misleading because I’m sure the American Indians weren’t giving out too many Thanks and well wishes as their land was being pillaged and stolen. If anything this holiday should be called Thanks for Giving Us… Read more →

A Village’s Ashes

I have been struggling with the perfect way to write this. Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to write this because it’s a topic that everyone wants to glaze over. I could be dramatic and tell you that our youth are dying. Literally and Figuratively, but would that really grab your attention? There are so many stories of teenagers killing… Read more →

You Can’t Escape It

Corporate America is the High School of adulthood. And I will tell you why. You have your jocks that frequent the gym and hit on every piece of pussy that comes their way. You have the mean girls who huddle around and gossip about everyone else, including each other. You have the weirdos who say inappropriate things at just the… Read more →