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The Origin of Addiction

I have three godsons. Two twin boys that are 16 years old and one older, grown ass kid that’s 19. If you want to get them to do something. ANYTHING. Just say these three words: Xbox Live Points. Like crackheads trying to secure their next hit they will clean the house, mow the lawn, study for school, cook all the… Read more →

Hold On

The Super Bowl was great. And Super Bowl Sunday with friends is always fun. But that damn Monday after the Super Bowl is the worse! I’m not sure if you were one of the smart ones who chose to not imbibe during last night’s festivities, but if you’re anything like me your body is at work but your soul is… Read more →


As I look back on the things that make me who I am I have to say that I know I’m still nowhere near who I want to be. I’m definitely a better version of who I was before, but since I know that life rolls on and continues to teach us I also know that there are still so… Read more →