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You Can’t Escape It

Corporate America is the High School of adulthood. And I will tell you why. You have your jocks that frequent the gym and hit on every piece of pussy that comes their way. You have the mean girls who huddle around and gossip about everyone else, including each other. You have the weirdos who say inappropriate things at just the… Read more →

The Best Advice I Can Give You

  I’m not big on bullshit. And I can’t stand someone that’s fake. For those two reasons alone I fail at brownnosing. Well, that and I have always been taught not to kiss anybody’s ass. If I give you praise it’s because you deserve it, not because I want something from you. In my working experience I have found there… Read more →

The End of the Affair

Everyone, I have a confession to make. Recently my job handed out bonuses for the year and let me just tell you my eyes popped out of my head when I checked my account balance that fateful Tuesday morning. The bonuses always come on a Tuesday so I affectionately call that day: SUPER TUESDAY! Because it truly is a fuckin’… Read more →