The Advent

During the election of 2016 America played a joke on itself and the punch line is Donald Trump.

As the day draws closer to the Obamas exit from the White House to make way for the immigrant hating/marrying Comb-over King all I can do is prepare to drink and cry on Friday. Because our lives are going to be forever changed in many unforeseen ways after January 20th 2017. Say what you will about Obama but the man whose presidency was an invitation to change has left an impact on American history. Whether it’s been for better or for worse depends on how you view his policies and what he did with his time in office. Personally I love Obama. I love him for his fortitude. I love him as a symbol of the power of family. I love the brotha because I can tell he’s a brotha. I am 100% #TeamObama. Now, was he a perfect president? Hell no! Nobody is a perfect anything. However, when many tried to dismiss his character, his intelligence and his ability to perform the task set before him he has always risen to the occasion. Like most presidents before him Obama had to endure a constant barrage of insults, aggravation and critique. However, in his case, his obstacles were based in part (if not solely) on the color of his skin. Racism played a huge role during his eight years in office and to deny that fact would be to deny the reality that racism played a huge role in securing a seat at the table for Deranged Donnie.

Within the makings of our foundation there has always been an inexplicable necessity for this country to be guided and ruled by white men. When Obama became president that natural urge for white leadership was turned on its head and caused mass hysteria. I remember watching a documentary called Right America: Feeling Wronged (<—click the link. Please watch that shit) about Obama’s impending presidency where an elderly white woman (who probably had a heart attack and died after he won so rest in peace Granny Good Gums) said “I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over.”

Yeah, that didn’t happen. But what has happened is an even deeper divide between class and race that will only become deeper after Don Cheeto takes over. We’re exiting one historical era to enter into another. And right now I’m not sure if the feelings of hope and prosperity will endure during this next iteration of leadership, if that’s what you want to call it. What cannot happen, though, is the silencing of the people. There are many who fear what’s coming next but this is after all America right? A country that’s prone to revolution and freedom of speech. We cannot stay silent or complacent. And one thing that we must not do is normalize Trump because there’s nothing normal about him at all. He’s already shown us who he is and now we’re stuck with him.

I’m not going to lie to you; I don’t expect good things for our country within the next four years with Pence him in charge. The racists have already let it be known that they are prepared to let their white sheets air out to dry in public and everyone against the racists are patiently awaiting a game of I Wish A Mutha Fucka Would!

In order to combat the racists, classists, homophobes and uninformed we must continue to speak out and be heard. We must continue to be present and remain as united as we can, because this is no utopia. It’s the United States of America. We’ve got numerous flaws and a mixture of sealed and fresh scars. But we also have a booming voice. And when you unexpectedly scream very loud in the middle of a mundane conversation it grabs people’s attention.

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