The Alternative

right-and-wrong-decisionsLast year I was faced with a huge difficulty. There’s this person I work with that I cannot stand. And I don’t mean in the cute way people at most jobs can’t stand their co-workers. You know, talking bad about them to other people or trying to sleep with their spouses for revenge. I’m talking about the kind of dislike that encompasses every minute of my day to the point where all I can think about is beating them with my shoe like a circus monkey.

When I thought of my choices; Fuck this person up and lose my job OR Allow him to be who he is and learn the lesson from it, I chose the latter. Because one moment of self gratification could have cost me months, maybe even years of grief and regret. So now when I look at him, and he starts with his antics I sit back, I sigh and I smile. Because I’m proud of myself for how mature this situation has made me. And I’m equally proud for not succumbing to the alternative which would have ultimately been one really bad decision.

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