The Broke Show

Ah 2012.

You were, by far, a thousand times better than 2011 (which sucked roach balls). Romantically, YOU PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT OF FUNNY STORIES. Some were Ha Ha funny while others were SMH funny, and the rest were just WTF??? funny.In any case, my love life is going into its 8th season as one of the most hilarious sitcoms ever.

And one day I’ll write all about it.

But this post isn’t about Love, or accomplishment or travel (which I did quite a bit of this year because I’ll always find time to travel.)

No No. THIS post right here is about money. Or should I say the lack thereof which I truly experienced in 2012.

First I should start by saying that this was the first full year in my new apartment. Up until this time in my life I’ve always had extra money that I could play around with to buy clothes, cologne, shoes, go out to dinner and all of those things you can do when you live with your parents.

Because you live with your parents.

Now that I’m on my own I’m on a schedule with my cash and I know exactly which time of the month is the worse for me. It’s always the first of the month. In my opinion, my most important bill is Rent. You wanna know why? Because even if they shut off my cable and my electric I will still have a place to lay my fat ass down at night and that’s why I will pay the rent every month ON TIME because I don’t want to get that knock on the door where my landlord is waiting for me with cops to throw me out.

Yes, I realize I just painted a very dramatic scene right there, but you get me.

Money was thinner than Donald Trump’s real hair and tighter than Kim Kardashian’s Spanx.But you know what, I made that shit work! There were certain times during the year when I would forgo certain luxuries like Lunch so that I could save a little bit of money to do something later in the week.

Recently in the past few months I have been getting paid, relinquishing my entire check over to my bills and shopping at the Dollar Tree for certain items like toothpaste, paper towels and toilet paper.

One decision I had to make in 2012 was whether or not I wanted to continue getting frequent haircuts from my barber, who was my homie. But that shit was costing me too much in regards of money, time and maintenance. So I cut all my hair off and have been rocking a baldie since last year.

It’s cool, I didn’t like it at first but I LOVE it now, even though my cousin Troy continues to make fun of the huge birthmark on the back of my head.

So I gave myself a physical makeover in 2012 and in 2013 I want to give myself a financial makeover. Because worrying about money sucks. I’m ready to leave my Leading Actor role on The Broke Show.

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