The Truth About Credit

ImageEveryone says that money comes and goes. Because it’s true. As soon as you get paid you have a shitload of bills just waiting for you.

A hundred dollars here. Another hundred there. A couple hundred dollars later and it’s back to eating gum with a side of tap water and sadness for dinner for the next few weeks.

Money is like a one night stand you remember as some of the best sex you ever had.

Credit, on the other hand, is like a spouse. Because it never goes anywhere. You always are in debt to it. Sure, you may have a good time when you’re out using the credit card because you’re saying to yourself ‘Fuck It! This shit ain’t due until the 15th of next month! Throw that shit in the bag!’

And then when the 15th comes you’re like ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk!!!

I remember when I got my first credit card. I maxed that shit out in a week and then had sob stories for credit collectors, who really didn’t give a shit. After my second credit card I was a seasoned pro. After I maxed that bitch out whenever the collectors would call I’d just send them straight to voice-mail. I remember laughing in one collectors face when he tried to get all Tough Tony on me. Talking about ‘You’re gonna pay this bill”

I laughed “Shit, I ain’t got no money. Stop the fuck calling me.”

Well, in all honesty he had the last laugh because I did eventually pay that bill.

It’s a sad truth. We make the money only to spend it, and most times we end up spending it on paying down the damage we’ve inflicted upon ourselves with credit card usage. It is one of the cycles in life that keeps us poor. I’ve learned my lesson now though. I pay on my credit card whenever I can, and I send more than just the minimum balance.

The moral of this story kids is be kind to your credit. Just like a spouse, don’t abuse it and don’t mistreat it. Because in the end, it will always be there.

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