The Knowledge of Acceptance

Letting-Go-of-Yesterdays-JunkWe spend our lives with the knowledge that some things are a part of us. They’re things that we know we can’t live without like air, free will and the freedom of speech.

Then there are some things that we need to give up.

Things that we need to understand are only for a brief moment in our lives and they need to be released at a certain point when they no longer serve a purpose for us.

And in some instances it’s not always necessarily a “thing”. It could be a person. It could be a place. It could be a behavior.

For example; when you’re an ex-thin woman who still wears tight titty dresses with no Spanx to hold your gut in. Or when you’re a dude, at any age, and you still get haircuts after its become evident to everyone that you’re going bald.

I have three words for you


Like, right now. Let that shit gooooooooooo.

It’s time for a little Acceptance. Things never remain the same. They either get better or worse, but they never remain the same. And if you’re stuffing yourself into a dress you haven’t been able to wear in six years looking like ‘Hey Kool-Aid!’s mistress:


Let it go.

If the hair on your head has to cross an ocean of skin to reach the other side as Oleta Adams sings ‘Get Here’ in the background:


Let it go.

If you’re chasing someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with you, or working at a job you hate, or holding on to the fear of what comes next by not trying harder you have got to let it go and move on to something better.

But you can’t let anything go until you have finally accepted what you need to do to move forward. Because the only time things just change is when they change for the worse. Good things don’t just happen and situations you fail to address don’t just go away. Waking up and hoping those titty dresses will fit like they did back in the day is delusional if you don’t plan on working out and doing something about it. Continuing to comb over a huge bald spot doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re pretty much already bald now mu’fucka.

You just haven’t accepted it yet.

It’s nice to hold onto the past because nostalgia brings euphoria. But when it’s time to move past the past into what it is right now you need to take into account these words:

You can’t have your new life and your old life at the same time.

Acceptance is the first step in letting go of something that is no longer good for you.


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  1. April 2, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Great write once again. You bring up many valid points about moving on in order to move on. My favorite lines are “You can’t have your new life and your old life at the same time.” and “It’s nice to hold onto the past because nostalgia brings euphoria.”

    Getting older is a harsh reminder of this fact

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