kat_stacks_deported_jail_Many of you know that I love the bar.

Not clubs. Not lounges.


Dive bars. Corner Bars. Bougie Bars. Hood Bars. White Bars. Gay Bars. Straight Bars. Old Bars. Karaoke Bars.

Just gimme the experience of being in a place with my fellow drunks where we can communicate about the ups and downs of life. We can take shots and laugh at the old dude who is unsuccessfully hitting on the girl young enough to be his granddaughter. I’ve never been a club dude. You have to get dressed up, stand in line and pay money so that you can buy watered down drinks and be in the presence of people that think they’re cooler than you just because they’re at the club looking fresh to death on a Saturday Night.

Yes…..I said Fresh to Death. I’m old, fuck you.

However, whether I’m in a bar or a club there’s one thing that remains constant in both.

Thirsty Bitches.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. That term doesn’t just apply to females. There are plenty of thirsty dudes out there plotting on every piece of pussy in the club. Hell, their gay cousins are doing the same thing with dick. But whenever I see this chick in the club.

Or these girls.

Or THEM (and you all know you’ve seen one of these broads in every color of the rainbow at the club) it just makes me laugh.

These girls are like Alice The Goon, soooooooooooo desperate and needy for attention. These girls aren’t even thirsty, they’re DEHYDRATED!

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