Welcoming Opportunities


Monday’s Motivation 3-31-14

Greetings. The time has come for you to do something that you’re probably not used to. It’s time for you to welcome yourself to new opportunities and possibilities.

Allow me to explain.

A few months ago I was sitting in the house bored at the idea of wasting another Saturday by watching television or playing my XBox. Right there, amidst my boredom, I said to myself ‘I need to do something’. Since I knew I needed to do something productive I went online and searched for writing opportunities. I spent the majority of the day on Google and came across various websites featuring competitions, fellowships and blogging opportunities. I decided to enter a few contests and submit writing samples for potential writing gigs. From that time I have been consistently writing and looking for the next chance to move past where I am now with my writing into where I can be. And the main source of my motivation began here at The Outspoken.

It all started from the fact that I know I need to write. Not that I want to write or that I like to write, I need to write. It is one of my best skills, yet it’s a skill that I underplay a lot. But what I’ve come to realize is when you have a talent, especially one you’re damn good at, what service are you doing for yourself if you never use it?

Everyone is talented in some way, but people tend to allow doubt to dissuade them from doing anything with that talent. Or, better yet, they misinterpret that their talent should only be used in one way when there are a multitude of opportunities where talent can thrive. However, in order to see beyond your initial expectations, you have to keep your eyes and your options open. It’s just like the old saying ‘A Close Mouth Don’t Get Fed’. The same is true about a closed mind.

You must be willing to embrace new opportunities or suffer the pain of regret when you look back and think about all of the things you didn’t do. It’s better to believe in yourself now and take the risk.

Don’t be afraid of welcoming opportunities.


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