White Privilege

smashed pumpkins

Not that anyone really needs another example of the huge racial disparity in this country, or an overview of how the concept of white privilege works.

You’re gonna get one anyway.

Because this story right here…..is some bullshit.

(for those that don’t want the Ben version click here):

Every year Keene, New Hampshire holds a pumpkin festival, and it’s kind of a big deal. This year, however, the festival turned into complete madness with drunken college students starting fires, overturning a car, cursing out cops and engaging in all types of ratchet behavior.

Because white people can get ratchet too.

According to the LA Times people were jumping off of roofs, taunting cops with profanity while throwing objects at them, destroying road signs and even took selfies in front of riot cops.

One particular quote from a riot participant, Steven French, was truly priceless.

“It’s (expletive) wicked, It’s just like a rush. You’re revolting from the cops. … It’s a blast to do things that you’re not supposed to do.”

It’s a blast to revolt from the cops and do things you’re not supposed to do when you can get away with it little man, because clearly you can also not do something and face dire consequences….just because.

This story even gets reported like ‘Oh it’s just kids being kids. What fun we all had as the fire burned and the tear gas filled our lungs!’

Matt Pearce of the LA Times writes in one section;

It’s for those normally tame crowds that the Keene Police Department has been derided for once seeking an armored police vehicle, citing the possibility of a terrorist attack. Instead, the town, which is home to Keene State College, appears to have been mildly terrorized by its own young people, who massed in the streets for drunken revelry. And as is often the case in any place that young people gather en masse, the events were well-documented on social media.

And luckily for us the Internet is forever like Wu-Tang! Let’s check out some of this mild terrorism 

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Later That Night……

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Unlike the riots which took place in Ferguson, MO as an outcry from another case of police brutality, these riots occurred just because the participants felt like it. There was no political agenda, no reason for being enraged. This happened just because.

So why did the cops not shut this shit down as quickly as they tried to do in Ferguson? Or better yet why was there less of a police presence for this catastrophe which was born out of sheer drunkenness than there was in Ferguson which was born out of frustration, anger and pain?

And furthermore, why hasn’t this incident been publicized all over the media? Because it’s fair to gather that a riot over nothing is pretty disgraceful and should be exploited as the media tends to do with such situations.

Had this been a story about a black gathering that turned unexpectedly violent it would have littered timelines and television screens for days on end. This incident happened last weekend and yet the only time I’ve heard about it was a few days afterwards and then it was never mentioned again.

People are still talking about Ferguson, and maybe it’s because the murder of Mike Brown hits harder than a group of bored college students terrorizing a town for no reason during a pumpkin festival.

A pumpkin festival.

People it doesn’t get any whiter than that. And I’m just too sure that the festival organizers and money team at Keene State College have paid a pretty penny to have this story shushed and stowed away far behind the trite ideal that caucasians could never do something so uncivilized.

Well, you’ve see the pictures. And there are quite a few articles on the internet that are questioning the situation and calling to account the double standard of this pointless riot at the hands of white youth.

Because white privilege is protection against shattering the myth that beyond all of our skin tones we’re human and capable of doing dumb shit for dumb reasons. There is no one race that is better than the other but white privilege has the power of keeping that lie alive by hiding stories like this and exposing ones featuring a colorized cast.

And the apathetic will merely relegate the senseless riot in Keene as the follies of youth.

I can tell you personally as a member of the black community that our youth are not afforded these same type of misadventures.

White privilege doesn’t protect us.


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