Why It’s Important To Never Stop



This weekend I attended a panel on social justice during the BlackStar Film Festival.

The panel was two of my favorite things in life; free and educational.

I gained a lot of insight on how I should approach representing the characters in my stories as well as how I should approach my writing in general.

The panel, which began at 11am, concluded a little before 1pm and as I was leaving I ran into my homegirl Steph¬†who was the person that informed me about the festival in the first place. Running into her was so random as well because I wasn’t looking for her. Our paths just seemed to cross in one serendipitous act of divine intervention.

We spoke for a bit, offered each other words of encouragement to pursue our dreams and right before we parted ways she said to me that I should keep writing because my voice is strong.

Those words have been stuck inside my head since she said them.

I guess I never thought about my opinions or my outlook as strong. If anything I named this blog The Outspoken because it’s a reflection of who I am; a very outspoken brotha that has an opinion about pretty much everything.

However recently our world has become inundated with repetitive topics on a daily basis. Racism, police brutality and violence are all things that I have spoken about ad nauseum on this blog. And even now, during the pinnacle of these issues being shoved in our faces every day I have stepped away from tackling them because, honestly, I’ve already added my two cents to the conversation.

Unfortunately, the topics still persist. And The Outspoken still persists.

And not engaging with these topics because I’ve already spoken about them can no longer be an excuse because I still have an opinion that’s just as valid as everyone else’s.

And honesty, isn’t that how you invoke change? By discussing the topics in society to incite¬†discourse amongst the masses?

Not that I have a ton of followers and readers yet, but of the people who do read this blog I love engaging and having them either agree or disagree with my point of view.

I cannot thank this sistah enough for using those words to remind me that it is so very important to never stop doing what I do.

It was a lesson I wasn’t even looking for, yet it was something I needed to hear because my writing and my voice are the duet being sung by my soul. And I cannot silence it any longer.

So with my awakening, on this Monday where everything insignificant is out to harm my vision towards a better existence, I must also remind you that you can never stop moving forward.

Some people will give up on themselves first and then try to make you give up on you too.

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I will say it again;

Fuck ’em!

Never stop moving forward.

Never stop pushing yourself.

Never settle for less.

Never believe the negative more than the positive.

Never stop believing in yourself at any age because as long as breath enters and leaves your body you have another chance to do something.

Now go.

And never, ever stop.



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