061 the last laughAs I look out of my window, the snowflakes gently whizzing by looking like tiny stars dancing across a cold gray background I look to the Heavens at Mother Nature, roll my eyes and sigh.

Really Bitch?

After TWO DAYS of anticipating this nut ass weather NOW you choose to snow? After I’ve already postponed doing certain things because I knew that the weatherman said it would be snowing for the past few days, and Friday would be wonderful NOW I’m stuck with the knowledge that I still have business to take care of at the end of this day when I could have just gone home and chilled had I taken care of it Wednesday or Thursday.

Today’s fun fact, kids, is that you should never put off tomorrow what you can do today. It’s an old lesson, it’s a timeless lesson, and when it comes to Mother Nature the real lesson here is that she will ALWAYS have the last laugh.

Enjoy your weekend.


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