The Check Is In The Mail

income_taxIt’s Income Tax time!!!

You work hard (or barely at all) the entire year and now here’s your reward.

And instead of putting it towards something useful you’re probably going to spend it at the mall on something you really don’t need. Like a pair of $500 shoes, or a trendy bag, or a PS3 with 50 games.

Or Weed.

Whatever you choose to do, Fuck It! It’s your money. You earned that shit! But if you plan on going to a high end retail store like Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom’s don’t walk around there like you own the place and give people your ass to kiss. It’s Tax time. Everyone’s a millionaire at tax time until April when you’re shopping at Forman Mills again.

To quote Redman ‘You a champagne hoe with Kool-Aid money*’. Calm yo’ happy ass down and pay a bill or something.

Have a great weekend ;)

*From the song 1,2,1,2 off of the classic 1999 Red and Meth CD Blackout!

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