Your Thoughts on Homosexuality

Even today, in 2015, many people think of homosexuality like this;






That thought process is strong here in America, where being a gay man means you’re either a punk, trying to be a woman or both.

There can be no masculinity inside of a man who chooses dicks over pussy right?

The word Faggot is the 100% encapsulation of this understanding so clearly the thought of male homosexuality brings to mind:


Men wearing women’s clothes and makeup

Limp wristed gossiping sissies clicking and switching while plotting to fuck every straight man they see

Lip smacking, neck rolling shady queens ready to read you to filth





Then, explain Yusaf Mack?

He’s the boxer who recently took the internet by storm when he accused gay porn website of drugging him and filming his very graphic encounter with two other dudes.

Mack also states vehemently that he has no recollection of his actions and reiterates that he is by no means gay, reminding everyone that he’s a Connoisseur of Chocha and the father of 10.

Listen, I could care less what this brotha does with his free time so this post is not to judge or mock him.

This post is to judge and mock everyone else.

Because I know why a story like this one tickles the fancies of most people. It’s because in their minds a man who looks and acts like Yusaf Mack could never, ever be interested in anything gay.

It’s mind boggling because boxers are super masculine beings and the notion of them being homosexuals does not compute.

I mean, where are his extra effeminate qualities? You know, the kind that most gay men have to possess?

The answer; not here.

And perhaps if most people removed their heads from their asses they could take into account that homosexuality, just like anything else, has very little to do with stereotype and is always based on the individual and their experiences.

You can be a man attracted to the same sex and still knock a mutha fucka out just as easily as you can be a straight man that’s a straight up bitch.

Contrary to what lies the media will feed you masculinity has nothing to do with who you fuck and everything to do with who you are.

Now, I don’t know this brotha personally, professionally or otherwise so I can’t deny whether nor not he was drugged. I also can’t surmise whether he’s gay or bi because honestly it’s not my business.

But what I am saying is that there’s an accessible video floating around the internet of him doing things that many wouldn’t expect from a brotha as masculine as he is and it terrifies people because it forces them to face the fact that homosexuality and masculinity are not mutually exclusive.

You can not take one individual out of a group of people and make them the mascot for that group of people because life is not high school.

We are all the sum of our experiences, our journeys and our fears.

Now that this brotha has been exposed who of the people that once praised him and gave him accolades for his boxing skills will now relegate him into a box that he may not even belong inside of?

People love a good scandal because it takes them, if only for a little while, out of the problems of their own lives. And the ones who will condemn him the most may do so to use him as a scapegoat to deter people from the skeletons in their own closet (no pun intended).

In any case most people need to grow up and realize that homosexuality is not a one trick pony with Pride parades and men that are standing in line to become some woman’s fabulous new shopping buddy.

We are real people living and hoping for the best out of life just like anyone else.

I hope this brotha gets his chance at that same concept.


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  1. Ren
    October 30, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    A fantastic and insightful write once again. I love the position that you took, as one to explain and not one to judge or condemn.

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